December 22, 2015

In Gothenbrg it is much easier to get to one of the small islands than it is in Stockholm. A short ride on a tram, then one of the ferries included in your city ticket, and you’re there. That was my plan, even though I had heard that “there is nothing to do there in winter”. Thankfully, having a walk around a tiny island, even in a cold gloomy weather, sounds good to me, so I did not regret my small trip to Donsö.

0807I chose the island randomly, I just took the first ferry leaving Gothenburg. It was cold and windy, but as it usually happens in Scandinavia – still very beautiful. Donsö is supposed to have around 1500 inhabitants, I guess I have seen less then 50 of them. There were however lots of charming tiny houses to admire. I would love to go back one day, in the middle of summer, so that I could take the tram in the afternoons and spend warm sunny evening somewhere in the archipelago.

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