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My name is Ania, I am 28 and I live in Poznań, Poland.
I have a degree in Scandinavian studies, and I am fascinated by everything ‘up there’ in the North.

I try to travel as much as possible, and since I am not a big fan of flying, my travels usually include long hours in trains or on ferries.
I especially love remote islands and big cities, and I’ve been lucky to live in two beautiful ones – Stockholm and Budapest.(and yes, I still hope I will live on an island one day!)


This is my travel diary, but not only – there will be also stories from my daily life, as I constantly try to discover new fun places in my own city. Enjoy!

my previous blog: fixmycamera.blogspot.com
mail project about islands: every-island.blogspot.com

I was featured in:

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Finder Magazine
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