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October 9, 2015

Ok, I promise, Budapest posts are coming soon. But first, a little something from our last weekend.

When we were moving into our new apartment a couple of months ago, it was completely empty. We started from some basic furniture, and then it was time for some plants. It was never especially important, but now I can’t imagine a flat without plants. There have always been some herbs in my kitchen, but now I wanted something more, some plants that would last a bit longer. And that’s how I got my first succulents. I found a couple of super cute tiny ones in a local florists, then I got a couple bigger ones at IKEA, then a couple more tiny ones, and it just could go on and on like this … In the meantime I found out that there is a large cactus and succulent nursery in a seaside town, close to where I usually travel. I just couldn’t wait, and was so excited when we finally got there last Saturday!

DSC_3547Untitled-1DSC_3536It turned out a bit smaller than I expected, but when we started to walk those long ailes in the greenhouse, I felt like those rows of tiny succulents will never end. The website says that Mr and Mrs Hinz, who own the place, have a collection of over 5000 different kinds of cacti and other succulents. The larger ones are mostly not for sale, but you can get the smaller ones very cheaply, and that’s why when you enter the greenhouse you get a small tray to collect all the succulents you want to take home.

995DSC_3594DSC_3659DSC_3601DSC_3592DSC_3538 DSC_3669DSC_3701kanken_balatonDSC_3623DSC_3657

I don’t need to add that I strongly reccomend visiting the succulent nursery/shop in Rumia – it is truly a heaven for any succulent lover. And if you’re nowhere near polish seaside, you can still order some of their cacti and succulents online, just visit kaktusiarnia.pl.

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  • Reply silvia - i diari della lambretta October 9, 2015 at 10:27 am

    this place is a DREAM! i love these pictures, and I’D LOVE to visit.
    time to look up a succulent nursery near home.

    • Reply Ania Margoszczyn October 13, 2015 at 7:27 am

      It is indeed, I can’t wait to go back 🙂
      (and I’d love to visit the largest one in Europe one day!)

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