Winter at the seaside

March 21, 2021


winter at the Baltic sea | february 2021


I have long dreamed of such winter, a real winter, where the snow does not disappear the next day, but instead creaks loudly under my shoes. This year my dreams came true, and just when I returned to Gdańsk for a moment – what could be better than such snowy winter at the seaside?

My visit to the Tricity had to include three obligatory points – first of all, Dolne Miasto, a part of Gdańsk which used to be our home a few years ago, and which I really, really love. Secondly, the Old town, I love its cosy streets and old houses that look like straight from a fairy tale. And the third point, quite obvious – the sea. Usually I see it in Sopot, because it’s easiest to reach there, but if I have time, I love to visit Sobieszewo Island too.

Gdańsk welcomed me with a huge snowstorm, when I could hardly see anything. While it was a bit stressful driving on the highway, it looked amazing on the empty streets of Gdańsk’s old town, those huge snowflakes created a magical atmosphere. Over the following days weather got a bit sunnier, I saw some beautiful sunsets, and enjoyed the beautiful nature. As always, the photos will describe it all much better, I just hope we’ll get to see such amazing winters more often.


Old Town, Gdańsk


gdańska mariacka zima


Dolne Miasto, Gdańsk


dolne miasto zima gdańsk dolne miasto gdańsk zima






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