goodbye 2015

December 31, 2015

As you can see Instagram did a good job summarising my 2015. There is Budapest, emboidery and knitting, some tiny succulents, and new portraits, which is basically what my year looked like. Last months were also focused around my studies, and to be more precise – around finishing them. A couple of great months spent at ELTE university, then hot summertime trying to finish my thesis and finally autumn, when I got my diploma. Because of all this, we did not travel anywhere far this year. Our only trip outside Hungary was to Romania, which I will talk about more very soon. The trip was short and only make me wish to go back there. I also learned a couple of new things this year. Embroidery and knitting, which I was so afraid to try for a very long time. Fortunately it turned out to be much easier than I thought and now I cannot imagine not making my own scarves and hats. We failed learning hungarian, but we started a japanese course, which is quite a big challenge. And of course, there was lots of photography, trying new ideas, sometimes failing, but still learning a lot.

New plans

What next? Last year I had no idea how 2015 would look like. I was so focused on studies I did not even know when we wanted to move back to Poland. Right now it’s completely different, we have lots of plans and dreams for this upcoming year. I will talk about some details soon, but let me just say I hope it will involve lots of train travels, new places and new photos of course.  mapaa

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog sometimes, and for your support. Hope the 2015 was good to you, and that the next year will be even better!  🙂

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