from oslo to bergen by train

December 5, 2015

I knew that if we wanted to go to Norway, taking a train was the only right way to do it.  The route between Stockholm and Oslo was not so breathtaking, but the part between Oslo and Bergen was as beautiful as any guidebook says.  The long hours spent in the train were really worth it, and I only wish my camera was not broken at that time and could capture the amazing views better. 05h0107ggWhen the train left Oslo the sky was clear and we were surrounded by green hills, not very wintery, althought it was already December.  After a while,  the tiny red scandinavian houses got more and more covered in snow, and we did not even notice when the landscape around us became completely white. Suddenly there were only large hills and lakes all around us, and some tiny houses all covered in a thick layer of snow. A soft norwegian voice read the names of each next stop, but noone got out. Each station was just more and more covered in snow, and the whitest was probably Finse, which you can see on the last, grainy photo here, the highest station on this line. Since it was december, the sun disappeared quickly, and it was a pity, since the last part of this route, just before Bergen, seems to be as picturesque.

09g11n'It was long time ago when we travelled this route, and somehow we have not visited Norway since, but I really hope we’ll change that soon, and that it was not our last time taking the norwegian trains.  13

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